This is a students’  body called Bishop Stuart University students’ Guild (BSUGS) HEREIN AFTER REFERRED TO AS “The Guild”.


The headquarters of the Guild is at Bishop Stuart University, Kakoba Campus, Mbarara.


The purpose of the Guild is to seek, promote and protect the interests and rights of all its members.


  1. To establish an efficient students’ government and promote such students’ activities as will provide opportunity for students and participation in the University life for their mutual interest.

2. To seek for students’ representation and or in participation in all administrative organs that deal with the students’ welfare.

3. To encourage and promote worthy traditions of academic professional, social and Christian life in the University.

4. To liaise and foster co-operation between the students’ body, staff and support staff and University authorities.

5. To promote participation of students in projects of national development and any other fields of undertakings.

6. To establish friendly relations and co-operations with other recognized students’ bodies and persons.

7. To promote the good image of the University within and outside Uganda.

8. To act as a catalyst in recruitment of new students.

9. To create equal opportunities for leadership development.