Article by Ampumuza Dalton AYLF BSU-Cordinator.

You cannot run an effective club without a team leader. It does not work. I have experienced this. Things do not get done, projects are not completed, club members fade away because of the lack of organization, and the club goes down the toilet. But, a team leader can fix this.

A team leader takes initiative to do things, they dictate assignments to people, they have a positive attitude and cause others to become positive as well. Team leaders make club meetings fun and efficient, they make it so that others will want to come back to meetings. But, most importantly they are a role model. They bestow their passion in other students, they teach other students the tricks of the trade, and they keep the club going. Without a team leader you do not have a club.

The importance of a team leader for clubs is very clear, but the team leader has a big role to play and the must have dedication to their role. Team leaders are not someone who is a power hog, they do not demand but suggest, team leaders rely on their club members.

I urge all clubs, big, small, French, Environmental, Band, whatever! You NEED a team leader! To make your club efficient and fun, elect a team leader, elect someone respectful and passionate. Elect someone who is fully dedicated to your club, and most importantly elect someone who would want to elect others.

If you have the passion, the initiative, and the want to be a team leader, step up to the plate! Take the initiative and help your awesome club succeed!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
John Quincy Adams