By Denmark Adios #A revolutionary son #A versal of Action#Adoyen of defiance.
Why do not we listen to the adage, which states, fool Me once, shame on you, fool Me again shame on Me?
As far back as I can remember, we have witnessed politicians making empty promises and ending up dis regarding these, once they are elected yet, it appears, many of us either want to believe, fail to Pay attention, are are apathetic or naive and continue to vote, based on these
Promises rather than the quality and or viability of the action plan. Perhaps, now more than ever before, we are witnessing a level of false statements, and lack of viable solutions and as long as ugandan voters keep voting these types of People into Offices, there Will probably be a continuation of these empty promises etc.
With that in mind, this article Will attempt to briefly identify,review and discuss, some of these scenarios and wondering why we torelate this behaviour from those we entrar with public office.

1. Fact checking. Perhaps because of social media, print media, TV stations etc. It has become far easier to quickly spread false hoods and or lies. Untill more people fact check before believing, this Will continue because it has proven effective in misleading voters to believe what those spreading these items want to . This Mode of spreading false hood was extensively done through face book, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other blogging sites during the 2016. Elections whether this was due to foreighn interferences, domestic attempts, or some joint venture, Obviously it is dangerous to achieving the best form of governance etc.
2.Political speeches. Listen carefully to what a politician states, and or claims, when they give a speech. Do not merely follow blindly because it fits some personal agenda and or self interest but look at which individuals seems Best prepared and hás some solid solutions based on considering Ramifications, reality and the common good.
3.Ready for the Job. Too many times, we vote basing on personallity, popularity or some other intangible reasons rather than Who is prepared for all responsibilities and necesities of effectively leading and making difference for the better.
4. Positive diference. Rather than change For change sake.
One of the most over used expressions is stating we need change! Changing things, unless they are based on viable solutions, seeking positive differences rarely serves citizens best interests.
In conclusion.
We need better public officials rather than merely blaming and complaighning. Ugandan voters must Pay attention and get more involved! Voting should focus on which acandidate Will most benefit the ugandan populace. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. #zukuka Uganda